In Sacramento on June 10, 2012 began the first service of Harvest Missionary Church, that lasted about 4 hours.The church hall which was leased from the church located at 5850 Almond Ave, Orangevale, CA, was crowded with people coming to the opening, with about 500 people in attendance. Harvest Church pastor Valeriy Bayko in his address to those present, briefly speaking about the goals and vision said, “We pray that Harvest Church standing next to the already existing churches in city of Sacramento as well as the world would make a lasting contribution both in sowing and reaping, and in the matter of preparing the workers for the future harvest, fulfilling the mission of the church here on earth.”

Among those who came to bless the new church were many ministers from different churches of Sacramento, as well as guests from other countries. With a welcoming speech on behalf of the Sacramento’s Churches, addressed present pastors, ministers and bishops of churches were: Aleksandr Pekun (Light of the Gospel), Alexander Kalinyuk (Trinity Grace), Paul Lashchuk (Bethany), Peter Serdichenko (Revival Church), Nikolay Gelis (Emmanuel), Yuri Chernetskiy (Impact channel), Sergey Gonchar (Ark of Salvation), Nikolai Borichevskiy (House of Bread) Igor Bula (Ukrainian Church), Victor Gayduchik (Reality), Sergey Lopuga (mission Word to Russia), Leonid Martinovich (Eternal Gospel), Paul Rotaru (Zion), Vladimir Yarmolyuk (Impact), Leonid Kalinyuk (Good News), Konstantin Melyuh (Star of Bethlehem), as well as guests from other cities and countries – pastor of Maryland Michael Kirilko, Bishop of Moldova Andrian Rubin, missionary from Belarus Vladimir Ostrovsky, pastor from Moldova Vasily Pasechnik, missionary from Nepal Alexei Kolesnikov, minister from Belarus Alexander Chernitsky. The service was wonderfully blessed by the choir and the worship group of Harvest Church led by Alexander Smolyuk, songs were sung harmoniously and with exclamation inspiring all those present to glorify God and be inspired to work on future harvest. The service was also moved by the singing of the trio: Tamara Kolyadich, Svetlana Sholomitskaya and Nadezhda Rogalskaya. Singing was followed by a prayer. In addition, there was unique congratulations by singer and composer Viktor Pokidyuk, who performed the hymn “Hope”, where he wished the church to keep going ahead with God without fear of difficulties. Later, church secretary Pavel Ivanyuk performed the service of tithe and offering and pastor Konstantin Bayko prayed the prayer of thanksgiving for the collected funds. Then senior pastor Valery Bayko read congratulations from many God’s workers that came in the mail, phone, from different states and countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, United States, Lithuania, and Latvia). Congratulation was also given by pastor Alexander Kalinyuk from the Bishop of the Slavic District Assemblies of God, Victor Prohor, Pastor Paul Lashchuk presented congratulations from the bishop of the Union of Pentecostal Churches of America Adam Bondaruk, Bishop of Belarus Sergei Tsvor presented congratulations from the bishops Sergey Homich and Leonid Biryuk from Belarus, and Bishop of Moldova Andrian Rubin presented congratulations from the brotherhood from Moldova.

June 10, 2012. Church opening

The final sermon was delivered by the Bishop of the United Church of the CEF Belarus, Sergey Pavlovich Tsvor who spoke about vocation and dedication. After this sermon, a prayer of the blessing was performed where Harvest Church senior pastor Valeriy Bayko and his wife Anna were blessed by all attending ministers. After which senior pastor Valeriy Bayko introduced newly formed team of ministers and church leaders, asking the attending ministers to bless the newly formed staff. The ending of the service was followed by lunch for all the attending guest and ministers during which there was friendly fellowship.

As the new church began, the story continues…

From March 17, 2013 Harvest Church has moved to a new location at 4325 Auburn Blvd, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95841 where the leased building for the church and mission allows us to use it 24 hours a day, which allows the organization for all church activity mission work to continue…

Harvest Missionary Church 
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